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Dr. Smorra is board certified to practice chiropractic in NJ.  At Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Smorra externed with the chiropractic pioneer Dr. E. L. (Bud) Crowder.  Dr. Crowder was the head of Dr. B. J. Palmer’s research clinic at Palmer. Dr. B.J. Palmer was the son of the Discoverer of Chiropractic (Dr. D.D. Palmer) and is known as the Developer of Chiropractic.


Dr. Smorra has achieved the highest level certification in Network Spinal Analysis and has completed Dr. Donny Epstein’s Master E Plus Epienergetics program. 


Dr. Smorra gently & effectively cares for his patients using only his healing hands.  He employs a combination of Palmer chiropractic and Network Spinal /Epienergetics methods to reduce nervous system tension  due to vertebral subluxation and to increase available energy for the benefit of his patients.

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