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More energy, body & mind flexibility , deeper breaths ( both in & out), better moods , more optimistic , better Quality of Life, restful sleep. Consistent bowel movements. More energy to augment healing or managing medical conditions . Stronger immune system . 

Ability to live life more fully . More vacations & fun times! 


Less pain tension & stress. Less worry and negative thoughts & conversations 

Hopefully Less need to visit CVS! 


Dr. Smorra’s care is very effective and equally affordable.  Depending on a patients objective, non insurance Wellness patients may elect to purchase affordable multiple visit plans or pay per visit. 

To service patients, Dr. Smorra is In-Network with Horizon & Medicare insurance.  He also serves acute patients that have other insurance or are uninsured.  Our office will investigate to see if your insurance will pay for his services . If not we recommend our affordable cash payment plans.

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